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Down Comanche Rim

$ 1450 USD

Original oil. 18" x 24". A summer sunset frames New Mexico's Pedernal Peak, looming on the far horizon while descending the Comanche Rim west of Taos.

Au Sable Evening

$ 395 USD

Original oil. 8" x 10". Sunset fades into darkness on Michigan's famed Au Sable River.

Desert Mountain

$ 495 USD

Original oil. 9" x 12". A late summer sunset lights up the Sandia Mountain foothills.


$ 295 USD

Original oil.  8" x 10"  Plein air.

Classic New Mexico views abound near Abiquiu.  Pedernal Peak looms above the territory - a quiet and imposing presence.

A Blast of Fall

$ 345 USD

Original oil.  8" x 10".  Plein air.

Brilliant hillsides of the Rio Pueblo valley near Vadito, New Mexico.  

The Day the Rain Came

$ 245 USD

Original oil.  6" x 8".  Plein air.

This day marked the start of monsoon season in northern New Mexico.  The stark heat of the plains giving way to huge building thunderclouds.

Three Sisters

$ 345 USD

Original oil.  8" x 10".  Plein air.

Gradations of fall color creep into the forests of the Rio Pueblo valley.

Hillside Homestead

$ 345 USD

Original oil.  8" x 10".  Plein air.

In the Jemez Mountain high country, an old homestead nestles in the vast spaces of the Valles Caldera.



Deep Run

$ 345 USD

Original Oil.  8" x 10".  Plein air.

Along the Rio Grande in northern New Mexico, where the water runs deep at the bends.

High Horizons

$ 345 USD

Original Oil. 8" x 10" Multiple horizons greet visitors to the Valles Caldera in northern New Mexico, from the far bank of the Jemez river to the distant edge of the valley and beyond. As one of the largest protected wild areas in the State, the view remains much as it has been for millennia.

A Break in the Clouds

$ 245 USD

Original Oil. 6" x 8". Fleeting fall cloud cover by Embudo Creek creates some stupendous light and color contrasts - a moment to remember.

Summer Drift

$ 345 USD

Original oil. 8" x 10". Late summer afternoon floating down the AuSable, as the light begins to warm and the shadows lengthen. A subtle green from the surrounding forest permeated the reflections.

Teton Valley Greens

$ 345 USD

Original oil. 8" x 10". High summer in Teton Valley, truly a sea of green, but with striking variety.

Zia Country

$ 245 USD

Original Oil. 6" x 8". Subtle shadow contrasts on the brilliant cliffs of Zia Country.

Placitas Heights

$ 445 USD

Original Oil. 9" x 12". The soaring heights of the Sandia Crest from the "lowlands" of Placitas. I never tire of studying this mountain.